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Uji's New Tea & Historical Park.

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The new Uji Historical Tea park was originally due to be completed and open in July (2021) but having visited the site recently, although it looks close, there is still some work to be down before the park is open to visitors. Artists impressions pictured below right.

The park which is close to Uji Keihan Station and by the Uji River, is intended to highlight the connections between Uji and tea making. It is split into two main areas, 'Historic Site Zone' and 'Communication Zone'. Within the Historic Site Zone are a tea plantation field, an observation deck (pictured below), monument of Ujifune nomiya (relating to The tale of Genji), and an archeological site. The Communication Zone will have a cafe and building for tea related activities, a garden, and car park.

Plenty of local nature is also on display, the location is also a nesting site for birds, including herons (which nest in the trees pictured above), and next to the site is also the Tomb of Prince Uji no Wakiiratsuko, the son of 4th century Emperor Ojin.

Pictured above, tea plantation in foreground, and in the background the cafe, rest room, activity building.

The park doesn't cover an extremely large area but as an addition to a day in Uji it will certainly add a a much needed feature and point of interest to the north side of Uji Bridge. HIDDEN PATHS will update with more details when 'Ocha to Uji no machi Historical Park' finally opens. And if you have any further details to the location please add in the comments below.

The site also attracts plenty of the smaller varieties of Uji's residents.

Pictured below, a map of the site and all planned attractions and facilities when complete.

A walking route and hike in Uji can be found in HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Volume 1 and HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Omnibus Edition, both are available in digital and paperback formats from all regions of Amazon.

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Phillip Jackson
Phillip Jackson
Jul 31, 2021

The current opening date for the new Uji Tea and Historical Park is August 21st 2021.

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