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The Resting Stone of Emperor Tenmu.

In Kohata, Uji is the Kohata Shrine. The shrine is popular for a number of reasons and draws visitors both young and old. Anime fans visit the shrine as it was used as a location in the Kyoto Animation movie 'Sound! Euphonium!', and those interested in history will find not only the 36th Fujiwara grave (Uji Ryou) at the site, but also an interesting large, smooth, grey stone called the 'Oyasumi Ishi', the 'Resting Stone'. (pictured below - the sun setting on Kohata Shrine)

Emperor Tenmu, reigning from 673 to 686, was the youngest son of Emperor Jomei and Empress Kogyoku, and the younger brother of the Emperor Tenji. His name at birth was Prince Oama. (pictured below right - the 36th Fujiwara grave (Uji Ryou) at Kohata Shrine).

Emperor Tenmu's father died when he was young, and his elder brother became Emperor (Tenji). Tenmu would then become crown prince. In his later years Tenji had a son by a consort, the son Prince Otomo, then became next in line to the throne over Prince Oama (Tenmu).

In 672 Emperor Tenji died and Prince Otomo ascended to the throne taking the title of Emperor Kobun. Prince Oama (Tenmu) assembled an army to take the throne for himself and ultimately was victorious in a conflict named the Jinshin War. Emperor Kobun in the aftermath committed suicide, apparently by self strangulation. (pictured below - Kohata Shrine)

And the connection to Kohata Shrine? It is reported that prior to the Jinshin war, when Tenmu was still Prince Oama, that he prayed at Kohata Shrine for victory and also sat to take a rest on the large stone that can still be found at the shrine today. (pictured below - Oyasumi Ishi / The Resting Stone)

For the Fujiwara graves Uji Ryuo walki details see HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Volume 1. Follow the link below for details.

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