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HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Volume 6!

Volume 6 of the Kyoto walking guide books series HIDDEN PATHS is finally out and available in both digital (Kindle app) and paperback formats from all regions of Amazon. This volume contains three all new walking routes as well as a PARANORMAL KANSAI-KYOTO bonus chapter.

It's a year since the release of volume 5 (November 2021) and this new volume is even bigger than the last with 10 more pages. Each volume seems to be getting longer and the latest is almost double the size of the 2018 first volume.

So what can we find inside this new book? The book starts out with a route seldom taken by tourists over Inariyama, bypassing the senbon torii thousand gates we go over the mountain via the route of the hidden waterfalls and over to the Yamashina side of the mountain to learn about the 47 Ronin! Next up is following the route of a famous waterway between Kyoto and Shiga that dates back to the times of industrial change in Japan just after the Meiji Restoration. And our third new route goes south, to the Heian times when emperors relaxed and wrote their poetry in the Toba Palace, an area that also became a bloody battlefield in the late 19th century.

Of course, another bonus chapter of PARANORMAL KANSAI - KYOTO with three ghostly locations and stories of spectral footsteps, cursed rocks, and restless samurai spirits!!

For more information and to get download or get your paperback copy follow the links below.

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