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HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto 2018-2022. Part 2 Volumes 3, 4 & Omnibus.

In this second part blog post we look back at the contents of HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Volumes 3, 4, and the Omnibus Edition.

Volume 3 of the HIDDEN PATHS series was released in January 2020, just over a year after the release of Volume 2.

The book features three new walking routes as well as an 'Updates & Additions' chapter in the back. The first route covered an area often known as 'Temple Town'. Starting by the Kamo River at Demachiyanagi (and taking in the Kawabata Street Ghost!) we walked through a part of Teramachi where in 1583 the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi decided it would be better suited to his plans to have the majority of Kyoto's 'meddling' temples situated in one place, making it easier to control them.

The second walk went down to Gojo, the famous battle on the bridge and the birthplace of Nintendo. Some gruesome history was also to be found on this walking route. Pictured below left, one of the old Nintendo office buildings in the Gojo area that now is a top level and modern hotel.

The third route in the volume goes up to the west of Gosho, the old Imperial palace grounds. These sites hold stories of vicious battles, scars of the battles can still be seen today, locations of artists and also some paranormality!

Whereas Volume 3 stayed in the streets of central Kyoto, Volume 4 (released March 2020) took us back to the mountains and nature. The starting route covered a small part of Gion and also a walk through Chion-in, as well as the grave of the head of the samurai Akechi Mitsuhide (the 13 Day Shogun!). The second walk covered a place that see's little tourism but is close to the famous Fushimi Inari Jinja. The hike up Mount Oiwa through the abandoned Oiwa Shrine which includes art designed stone torii gates by the artist Domoto Insho (pictured below). The walk also includes a shinrei spot, a ghostly location, the screaming samurai ghost in the night!

The final walk in the volume went to the area south of Tofukuji and looked at some samurai graves, imperial grave sites, and Komyo-in with its garden designed by famed Japanese gardener Mirei Shigemori.

As covid restrictions began to come in to place it meant that for HIDDEN PATHS, walking historical Kyoto to find and document new walking routes was not possible. During this time volumes 1-4 were updated into an omnibus edition. This 200 page collection of 12 walking routes was released in April 2020.

All books are available from all regions of Amazons in digital or paperback formats. The omnibus edition is also available in hardback format from certain regions.

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