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The first HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto book was released three years ago in June 2018, this has led to four volumes in total plus an omnibus edition (released in April 2020). PARANORMAL KANSAI, a companion book to the HIDDEN PATHS series has been available in paperback and digital formats since February 2021 and the latest HIDDEN PATHS (volume 5) is currently in the works.

But these books are not the only forms of media that have provided a platform for the stories, history, and locations featured in the books. HIDDEN PATHS and PARANORMAL KANSAI has featured on popular podcasts and on radio in the U.K. and Japan.


The first podcast to feature HIDDEN PATHS was the globally popular 'The Unexplained With Howard Hughes'. The episode was number 430 of the show that began on the Talkradio over 15 years ago before becoming a podcast. The podcast episode featured expanded upon stories from the HIDDEN PATHS series plus some paranormal tales that would feature later in PARANORMAL KANSAI (and others that haven't as yet been in a HIDDEN PATHS or related book). You can listen to the show at

The Unexplained With Howard Hughes returned to TalkRadio in recent years and is currently a three hour show on Sunday nights from 10pm U.K. time. Phillip Jackson of HIDDEN PATHS regularly appears on the show in short radio slots to discuss the paranormal and unexplained topics of Japan. Most recently Phillip was on the Sunday 13th June 2021 show to discuss Japan's Bigfoot 'HIBAGON'. Listen to the radio slot here


Not long after appearing on The Unexplained, HIDDEN PATHS was featured on another popular U.K. podcast 'Weird Wacky & Wonderful Stories'. The podcast is fronted by the excellent hosts Shelly and Bella. As with The Unexplained, Phillip discussed stories of folklore, history and the paranormal with Shelly and Bella, and this was the first of two shows. To listen to the first show (Episode 72) follow the link

The second show (Episode 95) can be heard at the following link and was recorded in February 2021 and discussed stories from the newly release PARANORMAL KANSAI - Mysteries & Unexplained Stories of West Japan.


Recorded in January 2021, Phillip Jackson talked with Casey and Joe of the Japan-based ISHIKAWA : SUMMIT TO SEA podcast. This podcast spread the net further than just Kyoto and Kansai and featured a chilling tale from Ishikawa, Fukui in Japan. The podcast is a mixture of serious and light hearted talk on both the background of HIDDEN PATHS and the stories within the books including PARANORMAL KANSAI on this episode of the popular Japan-based English language podcast. To listen to the show follow the link

And for a bonus HIDDEN PATHS/PARANORMAL KANSAI, Fukui ghostly tale on ISHIKAWA : SUMMIT TO SEA follow the link for the tale of USHIKUBI TUNNEL

And if that's not enough check out what happened to Joe and Casey when they decided to check out Ushikubi Tunnel to discover if the ghostly stories were true!!!

A great many thanks to all of the above podcasts that have supported HIDDEN PATHS over the past two years. Please give your support to them by listening to the podcasts and all three podcasts have excellent guests and put out fantastic content regularly.

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