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A Day In The Greenery of Taiyogaoka Park, Uji Part 1.

Taiyogaoka Park in Uji, Kyoto is an expanse of woodland that offers a wide range of activities both active and relaxing. A well-kept and easy to challenging hiking route, zip line adventure, sports stadium facilities, cafes, camping, children's playground, Taiyogaoka Park has it all!

Next to the park on one side is the Uji Botanical Gardens, and to the other the Ice Skating Stadium. A stones throw away is also the Hakusan Shrine (featured in a previous blog post 'Mythical Spirits, Shinto, and Smallpox (May 2021) ).

You could easily spend a whole day in Uji without visiting the more famous World Heritage sites of Byodoin and Ujigami Jinja, because Taiyogaoka Park will keep you busy and satisfied.

In this post we are going to look at some of the more recent improvements/additions to the parks activities and facilities. The park is run by Kyoto Prefecture and in the last couple of years has had somewhat of an overhaul, it is known for hosting the weekend annual Kyoto Daisakusen Mission Impossible live music festival (July) and has had sports facilities since the late 80's early 90's. There are paved walking routes through the park, but there is also a mini-hiking route that takes a circular and cross-through route through and around the main wooded area of Taiyogaoka. The route is outlined in the photo below.

(The route can also be joined from the main road that runs along the east side of the park (pictured top blue in the map above (note compass marker point))).

The route is clearly defined, well-kept, but also challenging in parts. A great mini-hike in nature for all ages. We will go more in-depth on the route in a further HIDDEN PATHS blog post. At the top right of the map is the marker point '1' of the route and this starts at the Yamashiro Outdoor Living cafe and BBQ site.

The Yamashiro Outdoor Living Cafe & BBQ is a glamping-style BBQ but also an open space where you can buy food and drink from the take-out cafe and enjoy on the grass. Pictured below are the cafe and also glamping-style seating for BBQ.

Pictured below, deck-style BBQ space.

Pictured below, the tent-style BBQ space.

Another new activity at Taiyogaoka Park is the Kyoto Zip Line Adventure.

The zip line takes you across and over part of the park area pictured below, over two lines.

Also a recent addition to Taiyogaoka Park is 'Adventure Forest' an adventure playground that has facilities for younger and older (even adults) visitors (note that not all of the facilities are open all the time and checking in advance is advised). Pictured below, tree walking platforms.

In Part 2 of these blog posts looking at whats available at Taiyogaoka Park, Uji, Kyoto we'll go more in-depth on the hiking route.

Access & Links

The nearest train station is the UJI JR station on the Nara Line. From here you'll need to take a bus to the park from the station. You can walk but it will take around 30 minutes.

There is a lot of parking space at the park so car access is available, parking fees are charged.

Address - Hachikenyadani-1 Hironocho, Uji, Kyoto 611-0031

Yamashiro Outdoor Living -

Kyoto Prefecture Taiyogaoka Park Site -

Awareness - Please be aware that wild monkeys live in Taiyogaoka Park. It would be rare to see the monkeys (though HIDDEN PATHS have seen a small troupe outside of the park) but if you do PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO APPROACH THEM.

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