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HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Updates - Volume 6, Revised Volume 1, and PARANORMAL KANSAI.

HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Volume 5 was released at the end of November 2021, and was the biggest volume up to now, by page-count, of the series. The book also included a bonus 'PARANORMAL KANSAI - Kyoto' chapter featuring three new PARANORMAL SHINREI SPOTS in Kyoto with a historical connection. Many thanks to everybody that picked up a copy either in paperback or digital format of Volume 5. And so now on to new projects.

Work began on Volume 6 of the HIDDEN PATHS series earlier this year and three walking routes were selected. Volume 5 was very much 'off-road' as dictated by the covid-19 situation, and one of the walking routes in the new volume will continue that direction. We'll be taking a visit to a well known location but going via a way that is definitely a HIDDEN PATH, a route seldom walked. At HIDDEN PATHS we also appreciate that not everybody wants to go hiking, so we'll also have some routes that are on level ground. But of course, all three walking routes in the next volume are overflowing with history! We'll have a battle-site, a paranormal site along one route, nature, Imperial tombs, samurai sites, waterside walks, and much more.

Volume 6 of HIDDEN PATHS will include another 'PARANORMAL KANSAI - Kyoto' bonus chapter which will include at least three new paranormal locations. And as for the future of PARANORMAL KANSAI? At the moment there is no volume 2 in the works but we are considering the possibility of a PARANORMAL JAPAN book. There are many Japanese paranormal historical tales such as the terrifying tale of Taira no Masakado whose decapitated head was put on a spike on the banks of Kyoto's Kamogawa, which also have sections of their stories in other parts of Japan, and so are not strictly Kansai. There is also the interest in megaliths that are dotted across the country. So many paranormal tales and sites across Japan that restricting ourselves to Kansai would seem a paranormal choice to make in itself!

As to looking back at previous volumes of HIDDEN PATHS, the first volume was released in 2018. Since then we have come across new locations, or revisited some sites to find changes or update photography, improve the maps etc. And so the plan is to release HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Volume 6 at the same time as releasing a revised edition of HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto Volume 1.

HIDDEN PATHS is also active online so please follow us on facebook and subscribe on YouTube

Many thanks to everybody that has bought a copy of any of the 'HIDDEN PATHS - Walking Historical Kyoto' books or 'PARANORMAL KANSAI - Mysteries & Unexplained Stories of West Japan', it is greatly appreciated. You can find all of the books at the following link

For more information contact us via the contact page on this site.

Thank you for your interest in Kyoto and keep walking!

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